Here is a couple of photos for you to consider for your website.The second photo shows a boar @ 20 points shot last September in Cape York Qld.  Shot at 15 meters with a 220gn Supreme Fe, partial pass through no broadhead damage. The broadhead smashed his shoulder bones to bits and he went down without the need for a second arrow. Regards Don M.

They were shot with a hoyt maxis @ 65 pounds powerflight shaft 2 inch blazers and Supreme broadhead. The first photo shows a boar @ 23.5 points shot this year in June in north western NSW.  Shot at 20 meters, one shot kill, complete pass through, no broadhead damage, using a 125gn Supreme. I shot 12 pigs and one goat with 95 percent pass through and not a bit of broadhead damage over the five days.

Don M.

Thanks for the broadheads, gave them a whirl the other arvo and it worked a treat on this Rusa stag.  Broadside at 30m and it sapped clean through.  Very happy with them and the price, will be sticking with them- Cheers mate.

( Rusa shot by Troy R. using a Stealth II )

Troy R.

Some animals I shot in Africa with your Shikaris, one arrow for each of them, from a blind.

Kind Regards, Bruce L.

Bruce L.