Outback Broadheads, made only  in Australia,

Used by bowhunters all over the world

Outback Broadheads are designed and made in Australia, by bowhunters for bowhunters.

In the mid 1980's Dr Ed Ashby conducted what is still regarded today as the most extensive testing of broadhead lethality on wild game. His findings proved that there were many factors to improve lethality, but when it came to broadhead design, the most efficient included;

  • Tanto tip to improve broadhead durability and maximise hard tissue and bone penetration 
  • 3:1 blade ratio to maximise penetration
  • Single bevel to induce rotation at the point of impact and through the target
  • A sharp, thin, smooth edge, to improve the mechanical advantage of the broadhead and maximise the wound channel

Dr. Ashby's research over the following 30 years has only served to support his initial findings, and this has also supported the original Australian made Outback design, which incorporates all of these scientifically proven features, with the addition of a unique ' over the shaft' design to increase both broadhead and arrow shaft strength.

Bowhunters have relied on Outback Broadheads for over 20 years

All bowhunters have a dream hunt and whether yours is chasing Water Buffalo in the North of Australia, Wapiti on the South Island of New Zealand, or Sambar in the Victorian High Country, its the hard work you put in before the hunt that will determine your success.

And this is why so many bowhunters choose to use Outback Broadheads as their 'go to'broadhead for all their hunting - regardless of the game, the location or the season.

It's one broadhead that has been used reliably by hunters not just in your local hunting ground, but in some of the toughest terrain, against some of the toughest game animals around.

Outback Broadheads are Australian made and owned. Our aim is to build a better Broadhead, suitable and capable for all game types, and to sell it a fair price. Whilst our competitors move offshore, we are still 100% Australian made and owned.