​My name is Luke Phyland, and I'm stoked to the be the new custodian of Outback Broadheads. I've been a bowhunter for over 15 years and I've hunted a lot in the top end for almost a decade. Outback Broadheads have always been part of my hunting kit. Whether its pigs, deer or scrub bulls, they've never let me down.

 When the opportunity  came up for me to buy Outback Broadheads, I grabbed it with both hands, Not only is it an iconic brand in the Australian Bowhunting community, it's a product that time after time has delivered for bow hunters, on every continent of the world.

As they say, luck is when opportunity meets preparation

It was early 2017 when I decided to try and see if Woody might be interested in selling the business. I had made contact with Woody through a friend and he said he might be interested in selling. I travelled down a few months later and made an offer to Woody, which he accepted.

In July 2017 I returned to take ownership and move all the equipment to it’s new location, which is still in Ballarat for the moment. There is a likelihood I will move the business to Queensland in the future.

"My reason for buying the business, was to try and ensure that one of the best broadhead designs, completely designed and made in Australia did not disappear forever."

I am proud to say that the broadheads are 100% Australian owned and Australian made. All the heat treating and tempering is done in house for maximum quality control.

I will be endeavouring to improve the broadheads along the way and will hopefully do this with the help of the bowhunting communities input also.