A brief history and introduction to the Outback range of broadheads

My aim is to build a better Australian broadhead at a fair price, with your help and support, Outbacks will keep improving over time.

When I first started making my own proto type broadheads, back 1n 1998, I was using long aluminum broadhead adapters and blades hand cut from spring steel. After several years testing and experimenting with my basic design,I decided the Outback Supremes were ready to share with other bowhunters who are looking for a better Australian made broadhead

That was way back then, now Outbacks are made on on the very latest modern machinery, the only part that has not changed is the final hand assembly, spin testing and attention to detail

I don’t believe there is any need to send Australian dollars to China or America, I have read that a dollar spent locally goes around the local economy at least seven times.That is why I am committed to a totally Australian made broadhead. Keep your kids in jobs and buy Australian made.

good hunting, Woody